ProStyler Revelation Members Area

Click Insert Element

Click Gallery

This is your preview window, as you add and change things this will auto update.

Enter a Title For Your Element. This will allow you to find items on your page later quickly.

Click the “Edit Icon”

Select your first gallery image here by clicking the 3 dots

Then select your image, you can upload images by clicking upload files. Select them from the media library.Or insert images from a url.

Once you have your image you then simply click insert into page.

Enter a caption for your image here, this will show just below your image.e.g Mike drinking Jack Daniels on the back of a rhino

Select what you would like to happen when this image is clicked.

Show Larger Image will open it in lightbox.Go to URL will let you send visitors to a link of your choosing.Do nothing, does nothing

Enter a URL if you want it to go to a URL here.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT…If you want your gallery to be sort able for a portfolio for example with headings along the top for e.g.All Images, Web Design, Logos…

Then you need to enter tags,So lets say you want this image to be in the group web design. we simply enter “Web Design” in to the tag field.Then any other image we want to also be in this group we use the same tag “Web Design”

Then simply click add item to add another image to your gallery/portfolio and create it the same way as we did the last one.

You can also duplicate a gallery image by clicking the duplicate icon.Deactivate a gallery element by clicking the deactivate icon.Delete a gallery image by clicking the trash icon.

Click Styling

Here you can adjust the margin. This is the space around your element.

IMPORTANT.If you have setup and tagged your images then simply toggle show filters to yes.This will then turn your gallery into a sortable one were visitors can click a button to show specific image types.

You can animate any element you want, simply select a animation effect.

Select how many columns yous would like your gallery/portfolio to be.So 3 columns would be 3 images per row.

5 would be 5 images per row and so on…

Here you can select a style for your images, border will add a border around them you have a few to pick from.

Items bottom spacing allows you to choose how much space you would like between your images. So 15px would leave a 15 pixel gap between the image son row 1 and the images on row 2

Once you have added all of your images click “Save”


Then view your page to see your gallery/portfolio In all its glory!

Click on a image and it will popup in a lightbox

Like so…That’s it. You’re done.

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