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Click List

This is your preview window, as you add and change things this will auto update.

Enter a Title For Your Element. This will allow you to find items on your page later quickly.

Click “Edit Icon”

Insert your heading here for your first list item.

Insert your content here for your first list item. You can also use the WYSIWYG editor to add links, images and more.

This is were you select the icon you would like to display next to your list box.

Click the “Duplicate icon” to make a copy of your list items

Click the “trash icon” to delete a list item

Click the “deactivate icon” to stop a list item from showing, this is especially useful for when you need to turn of certain items and turn them back on without having to remake them.

Click Styling

Here you can adjust the margin. This is the space around your element.

Toggle the icon form showing with this on/off option.

Select how you would like your list to display…

left aligned, center aligned or right aligned.

Enter the size of your icon in this box you can have it as big or as small as you want.

Select a color for your icon using this color picker.

Choose how your icon is displayed you have 3 options to pick from.

Simple shows just the icon,circle and square background add a background slightly bigger than the icon.

If you want to you can toggle the heading from showing with this yes/no toggle.With this off it will just place the icon next to your main content.

Like So….

Next select your text color that you want to use for your list using the color picker.

You can animate any element you want, simply select a animation effect.

From the list…

Click SAVE


Then view your page to see your list In all its glory!

I turned off the heading and icon in my example, you have full control on exactly how you want your list to lookThat’s it. You’re done.

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