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Click Section (One Page Website)

Enter a Title For Your Element. This will allow you to find items on your page later quickly.

IMPORTANT…When creating sections, we need to take notice of the section id. This is what we will use to link our menu to were the section is placed in our page.

We first need to copy the section id to our clipboard like so…

Then in a new tab we want to open up Apperance > Menus

Right click menus and then select open in a new tab.

We then need to navigate to the custom link section on this page…

If you do not have a custom link section showing, click screen options on the top right.

Then click “Custom Links” this will then show it on your page.

We then need to paste our section id into the url field here…

We then need to give this menu item a name for our navigation menu e.g About Us

Then we click Add to Menu

Once added we then click save menu.Side note: Be sure that you have set this menu to show in either the Main Menu location or Footer menu location.

Once that is done we jump back to our page, be sure to label this so we can find it on our page later on.

Then click “Save”

Click “Save Page”

Now wherever you place this element on your page is were your page will scroll to when it is clicked on the navigation menu.Continue adding section elements for each part of your page that you would like your menu to jump to.

That’s it your done!

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