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Click Pricing Table

This is your preview window, as you add and change things this will auto update.

Enter a Title For Your Element. This will allow you to find items on your page later quickly.

Attributes are options that user get with each package. So instead of having to type out each option one by one you can create a list here and then toggle them on and off for each package.

So for this example we will base our pricing table on a hosting company. So we enter the title “Max Domains” then for each package we can enter a number amount.

Then we enter a description this will show if a user hovers over this attributeSo we could have it say, This is how many domains you can run on this account.

There is 2 types of attribute, the first one is free text so we can have a name show on each table and then have custom text show for each pricing table next to it.e.g Email Accounts then for each pricing table we can add the amount e.g 5 email accou

The second attribute type is Yes/No so we can have a title display on each pricing table e.g cPanel then for each package we can tick yes or no.

You can add as many attributes as you like, you can also duplicate a attribute, deactivate one from showing and delete a attribute you no longer need.

We can also add new attributes using the add item button.

Once we have setup our pricing table attributes we can then create our packages.So lets edit the Free package to do this click the “edit icon”

We enter the title of our package here.

We enter a description for our package here. We can toggle this later on to display or not.

We can add a image for our package here.

Set the currency symbol you would like your pricing table to use here

Enter the price for this package in this box.

How often the user is billed. If it is one off just delete the text in this box if it is yearly enter / yearly etc.

Enter the text you would like your buy button to display here e.g Add to Cart

Select where you would like your button to go once clicked. You can have it go to a page, a post or directly to a checkout page.

Just enter your url in here. For a PayPal link you can create a button inside PayPal and then on the screen where it displays the code simply select email purchase link. Then drop this into here.

Select how you would like your link to open here you can have it open in aNew tabNew windowCurrent tabLightbox

Next we can enter the attributes this package has.Simply click the edit icon on a free text attribute or the checkbox on a yes/no attribute.

Once we click the edit icon on a free text attribute this window opens and allows us to enter a value and descrption.So if for this package we was offering 30 maximum domains we could enter 30 and for the descprtion 30 maximum domains allowed on your

For a yes/no attribute we just tick yes or no if the package will contain that feature or not.

To speed things up we can duplicate packages using the duplicate icon, deactivate packages using the deactivate button or delete packages using the trash icon.

You also have the ability to have one of your packages featured. This will make that package stand out as it will use a different color scheme to the other packages.To make it features just tick yes in the featured section.

Click Styling once you have created all of your packages for the pricing table.

Here you can adjust the margin. This is the space around your element.

Here you can turn on/off parts of your pricing table.So if you do not wish the title to be displayed untick the box,The price untick the box and so on…

Here we can pick the color that our normal package sin our pricing table will use. We simply pick the color form the color picker.

If you selected one of your packages to be featured this is where we set the color for it.Simply pick the color you would like to use with the color picker.

We can then design the buttons our pricing table will use.So we first select a style we have 4 to pick from.

Just select the one you like.

Pick a color for your button to use.

If you select “Primary” or “Secondary” color this will use the colors you have chosen in the “ProStyler Theme Options Panel”

Then we select the button color for our featured package in our pricing table.

Simply select the colour you want from the dropdown box.If you select “Primary” or “Secondary” color this will use the colors you have chosen in the “ProStyler Theme Options Panel”

You can animate any element you want, simply select a animation effect.

From the list…

Click SAVE


Then view your page to see your pricing table in all its glory!

That’s it. You’re done.

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