ProStyler Revelation Members Area

Click Insert Element

Click QR Code

This is your preview window, as you add and change things this will auto update.

Enter a Title For Your Element. This will allow you to find items on your page later quickly.

Enter a url for your QR Code to use. So when it is scanned if you want it to go to Google enter http://google.comIf you have an app on the app store enter the link to it on the app store here.

Enter your alternative text here, should your QR Code fail to load this is what will be displayed.

Click Styling

Here you can adjust the margin. This is the space around your element.

Select how you would like your QR code to display, no styling, or thumbnail which will place a border around the QR Code

Select how you would like your QR Code to be aligned.

Enter the size you would like your QR Code to be. The higher the px amount the bigger it will be.

You can animate any element you want, simply select a animation effect.

From the list…

Click Save

Click Save Page

Then click “view page” to see your QR Code in all its glory!

That’s it. You’re done.

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