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Click “Testimonial”

This is your preview window, as you add and change things this will auto update.

Enter a Title For Your Element. This will allow you to find items on your page later quickly.

You can edit a testimonial element by clicking the edit icon.You can duplicate tabs by clicking the “Duplicate” icon you can then quickly clone a tab item and reuse it.

Clicking the deactivate icon will stop that tab item from displaying.Clicking the “trash” icon will delete that tab item.

Let’s edit the first Testimonial Element. Click the “Edit Icon” on Testimonial Item 1

Enter a title here for your first Testimonial.

Enter the name of the person who provided the testimonial here.

Select what font size you would like there name to be the higher the px amount, the bigger the font.

Select a font color for your person’s testimonial name using the color picker.

Enter the person’s position at the company they work for or own.Side Note: You can leave some fields blank as you can toggle which ones display later…

Enter your testimonial content for your first testimonial item here. You can use images, add hyperlinks and more using the WYSIWYG editor.

Enter the country of the person who done the testimonial for you.

Enter the company the person works for here.

Enter a website address for the business they work for or own here.

Add the person’s picture here.

simply click “…”

Select the person’s picture from your media library.Side Note: You can upload a picture from your computer by click upload files top left.You can also insert a image from a url using the “insert from url” on the left.

Click Insert into page

Continue to add other testimonial items the same was as we done the first one. 

If you want to add more click “Add Item”

Click Styling

Here you can adjust the margin. This is the space around your element.

Select here how many testimonials you would like to display per slide. If you are using this in a row 2 looks good. If it is in a small column i recommend one.However it is up to you.

Select how many seconds you would like it to be before the next slide of testimonials shows.

If you do not want the arrows to show for a user to change slides simply untick the arrows box

If you do not want the indicator dots to show for a user to change slides simply untick the indicator box

Here you can fine tune your testimonial elements as well as toggle items on and off.

If you don’t want the testimonial to show then untick “feedback content” If you do not want a picture to be displayed untick “avatar” and so on…

You can also fine tune your testimonial elements by clicking the cog icon.This will bring up some more options for you to use.

If you want to limit the amount of words displayed in a slide you can enter that here. You can limit by word amount or character amount.

Avator settings allows you to add a style around your testimonial images. 

Continue to toggle your elements to your taste.

You can animate any element you want, simply select a animation effect.

From the list…

Click SAVE


Then click “view page” to see your testimonial slider in all its glory!

That’s it. You’re done.

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